Ain’t that a rock?

Here I find myself in this first full week of 2020 and I must admit that I have been a bit hesitant in this new year. Let’s rewind:

On January 1, 2020, I found myself ultra excited. Excited about the possibilities of what I could accomplish in this new year. Excited about where I would find my new joys. Excited about what new, and wonderful people would be brought into my life. Excited about writing again, bringing you more of my niceandnerdy experience and wisdom.

Yeah, you get it. Excited. I equate the feeling I had to the feeling you get when purchase of a new pair of shoes – you know the feeling, that can hardly wait for the first time to wear them.

But alas, my enthusiasm was nearly ruined by the activities of our wonderful Mr. Orange (I’m too nice to actually mention him by name, but hopefully you know who I am referring). There I was riding this wave of excitement and this idiot decides to start the new year (mind you – a brand new decade) with an assassination. I was shocked and became discouraged. What could I now hope for in the turmoil this created?

I was bummed. But then I began to remember who I was, and what I believed. And, after giving it some thought, I decided to persevere in my excitement. I made a conscious choice to remain excited. I chose to be optimistic about the future.

I’m sharing this to make you aware that you still have choices. When all looks bleak, you do still have some power. You have the power to change what lies within you. You can choose to persevere or you can choose to loose your joy. Its a mind thing.

No, everything is not all roses and sometimes the world can be frightening, and affect you in ways you didn’t expect. But know who you are and know what you believe, and make the best choice for you to move forward. Life can be difficult, hard, just like a rock.


Irresponsible pun

I have returned.  Yes, I laid this blog aside because I was uninspired to write much of anything due to the shift in my reality when Mr. Orange became president.  Uninspired.

But alas, this 2020 year has me hopeful!  This Visionary Year 20/20!  Its going to be a perfect year for me to try out some puns.  I’ll be able to talk about that time I dropped my peaches in the grocery store and meant a perfectly wonderful store clerk, who helped me pick them up.  I like to call it my in peach meant story.  Or I could tell you about the wonderful boots I purchased after my friend Mindy told me “cho, buy dem” they are fire.  And, I’d like to talk about that time I was exercising and I ran around the track, breathing heavy, trying to catch my breath because I was worried, thinking about how my career was threatening to me these days.  -_-

Ok, ok!  I suppose I should stop there! I know those are really bad.  But, I didn’t say they were good puns.

Seriously, I’m happy to be here in this Visionary 2020 year.  Looking forward to blogging more.

And guess what?   I’m still nice!  Yeah, a surprise to me too!  I thought I’d be jaded and mean by now.  But no, I’m still nice and unapologetic about it.  So, be prepared to be dazzled by my niceandnerdy mind in this new year!  And I promise to use my puns more responsibly.